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As we live in central London, my fiance and I don’t have the biggest space to store baby and toddler toys so I’m looking for toys that will grow with them through the ages. Also, it’s important to us both that we provide our baby with something educational and something that will help his physical and mental development. We’ve both said we don’t want to turn into parents that hand their child an iPad at every opportunity – it’s important for spatial awareness to have physical toys and our son’s already at a disadvantage when it comes to spatial awareness if the fact it took me five attempts to pass my driving test (because of reverse parking) is anything to go by.

So when I saw this baby mat / plush chair at the Early Learning Centre, I fell in love. Not only does it have toys they can grab and investigate on the outside of the mat, but the support system grows with them. When they’re ready to sit up, you can stack the pillows and they can rest against a toy pony while playing with toys and sitting on the soft mat. It is £40, and I know you can get playmats and baby gyms for a lot cheaper but they won’t last  as long and you’ll have to throw the cheaper ones out and replace them with something else. Reaching for toys increases hand-eye co-ordination, one of the toys is a mirror for self-discovery and it will last for one year and beyond -I think the price is totally worth it and I like the animal design.

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