Do I Need Stretch Mark Cream?

As I’m planning a wedding three months after giving birth, which will hopefully involve a honeymoon in which I wear a bikini, I’m really concerned about stretch marks. However, it’s really confusing me as so many people are giving me conflicting advice. I’ve heard that anything you put on your skin passes through to your baby so I’m wary about using unnecessary products. At the same time, I wonder if cream will really help stretch marks because some experts say genetics determines whether you will get marks or not, and can any cream stop what’s in the genes?

I’ve spent what feels like a million years browsing different websites to get advice on stretchmarks now and these are the top 5 pieces of advice that I’m following:

  1. Around 70% of mums will get stretch marks. The lucky 30% have better genetics. Stretch marks are caused by extra production of a certain hormone that hinders the production of collagen and that’s why skin looks drier and stretch marks appear. Whether you will produce that hormone in pregnancy largely depends on whether your mother did.
  2. However, start early and stimulate the skin and you have a better chance of helping collagen production and improving skin’s elasticity.stretch-mark-creams
  3. You don’t need to spend a fortune on stretch mark cream. In many tests, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter containing vitamin E, shea butter, collagen and elastin is safe to use and effective as is Neutrogena Body Oil and you can buy them both in Boots on the High Street. Also massage Vaseline on your stomach to keep it moisturised and stimulated. Mama Mio creams are also great for pregnant and nursing mothers as their products are all free from all nasty chemicals, but Mama Mio products are slightly more expensive.
  4. Don’t stress too much during pregnancy if creams aren’t working. Stress is no good for the baby after all! Laser treatments for removal of stretch marks can be done when you’re no longer pregnant and this is more effective than a cream or lotion.
  5. Don’t be fooled by Retin A creams. They’re not safe to use in pregnancy or when breast-feeding and they only work on stretch marks that are new and less than a year old. If you’re pregnant for 9 months and breastfeeding for 6-12 months then they won’t work.


Right now, I’m loving Palmer’s and even if it doesn’t work the chocolatey smell makes me happy. However, I’m willing to try anything so if anyone has any better suggestions please comment below or Tweet @babyvipsblog. You will save my honeymoon so thanks in advance!


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