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I live in a two bedroom flat in central London, and before I got pregnant the baby’s room was my dressing room and office, as well as a place we shoved the laundry airer. I do plan on changing the laundry arrangements when the baby comes and my fiance and I have bought a top washer-dryer to solve that problem, but I’d like to keep my wardrobe in the baby’s room as well as a chest of drawers for my lingerie and loungewear. My biggest concern right now is whether we can fit in the baby’s things and my things while keeping a clean and stylish design theme. I don’t like clutter!

Therefore, I’ve been looking for some storage solutions and some multi-purpose products that will save us space. Right now, I’m in the browsing stage and after doing some online browsing in my favourite babycare shops, this is what’s on my wish list.

Toy Sorter And Book Shelf

No matter how much I vow to be minimalist when it comes to toys, I am realistic. Kids get given toys from relatives and friends, so even if I don’t buy them for him he’s going to accumulate a lot of stuff. I’ve seen it happen with my godson, as his mum bought him the bare minimum to save space and he was gifted toys from all the neighbours, friends, family and myself (oops!). I think the toy sorter and bookshelf from JoJo Maman Bebe (pictured above) is a great way to divide toys up into types (lego vs trucks etc) while books and cuddly toys can rest on the top shelf.

Cot With Drawer Storage


Us adults often have under bed storage, so it makes sense for babies to have the same. I like the Silvercross cot from John Lewis because the shape is so pretty and the drawer goes under the whole bed so you can fit lots of blankets and sheets and perhaps even some sleep suits inside. I’m also loving Dunelm’s dorma white bunny meadow toy sorter, which can be hung over the end of the cot to store toys, books and blankets. It looks so cute, it saves space and it’s just £15.99 – what’s not to love?

Changing table And Dressers Unit


The East Coast nursery Montreal dresser from Mothercare  combines a three draw dresser with a handy space for changing. I like the ridge as it makes it safer for the baby – the lip would prevent it from rolling off. I think it’s excellent value for £159.99 as it looks sturdy and I love it’s traditional design.

Toy Box And Seat


The white storage bench from JoJo Maman Bebe can double as a cosy reading space for you to browse books  and bond with your child. It’s large enough to fit big toys that you can’t get into a shelving unit and the closing lid means that you can put as much in it as you want and it still looks neat from the outside.

Wall Shelvesshelf


One of the tips I always get from friends with kids is to invest in wall shelves as toys and books look less messy if raised off the floor. If there’s no clutter on a floor, a room looks bigger and more spacious. I like the LACK wall shelves from Ikea as they become one with the wall thanks to concealed  mounted hardware. They’re just £10 each and you can arrange them on top of each other or make S shapes with them on the wall.

Am I missing anything? Please comment below or Tweet me @babyvipsblog. I have 15 weeks to go so I’d better start buying things soon!

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