Pregnancy Week 33

It’s been work hard, play hard this week. Or maybe that should be work hard on the book in the day and work at a party for the national newspaper at night. Because although the night-time events are fun, they don’t allow me to completely switch off. I have to find out what celebs are expected, research what they’ve been up to recently, prepare some questions for them and then swallow my nerves and go and chat to the celeb guests. It can be pretty nerve-wracking at times. I’m finding the baby bump is helping though – maybe celebs find me less threatening now?

The first event I went to was in an art gallery for a private view of photos by controversial artists Tyler Shields and celebs included Sinitta and Tamara and Petra Ecclestone with Tamara’s gorgeous daughter Sophia. Seeing Sophia made me feel so broody! I was really impressed by how well-behaved she was and it gave me a bit of hope that maybe my life wouldn’t have to change entirely when I become a mother. Maybe I could take my son to events with me in the future? It would certainly mean people would talk to me and work even better than a baby bump. But would it be fair on my son and would my fiancé like it? Probably not. I get the impression Tamara wears the trousers in her relationship though.

It was very interesting to talk to Sinitta. She has two kids and said motherhood was the best experience ever. I was meant to be asking her questions, but we ended up talking about pregnancy and she asked me more than I asked her. Oops! But it was nice to switch off for a while and have a normal conversation about kicks and names and her children and Sinitta seemed genuinely interested in my replies to her questions.

Sinitta asked me if I’d thought about any schools yet, and I had to say no. He’s not born yet! But she told me that she’s had a nightmare with finding schools for her children and nothing is guaranteed, even if you live close to a school. She told me she advised Simon Cowell to register his son Eric for schools as soon as Eric was born and she would advise me to do the same. I have walked past some local schools and done some research online now, but my fiancé and I have a little issue. He’s Catholic and I’m Church of England and we need to have a proper discussion about how this will affect our little boy before we can think about what sort of education he has. I can’t believe I’m worrying about schools already. How did that happen? I find it hard to plan anything further ahead than what I’m having (or where I’m going for dinner) that night. I can already tell I’m going to have to change a lot when I’m a mum. Does it come naturally?!

I also went to the Nordoff Robbins Six Nations rugby dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel, which was easy on the eyes. A few years ago, I’d have been dressed to impress (ie in something skimpy) and I would have flirted my way round the room to try and bag a rugby player guy. Now I’m not that interested as my fiancé is man enough for me. When I realised that on the night, I felt a warm glow inside. I’m no longer single and searching. I’m settled. How did that happen? I like it though.

F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham was at the event and she’s currently four months pregnant with her second child so we compared bumps. Her first baby is little over a year so she’ll have two kids under eighteen months when her next one is born. Brave! However, Natalie said being a mum is the best thing that’s ever happened to her and can’t wait to meet her new arrival. Also, she pointed out that it’s good for siblings to be close in age as they have more in common and that it means you don’t finish the baby stage and then have to nurse another baby. You’re doing all the baby stages at once. I liked her thinking. I do want more than one child, God willing. There are three and a half years between myself and my sister and six years between me and my brother and that’s too much. My siblings and I get on but we’re not super close and in each other’s pockets the whole time.

In non-work related news, our NCT classes start on Sunday, which is pretty exciting! I plan to report on our experiences in next week’s diary. Did you do NCT classes?



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