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I’ve only been a mum for a few weeks, but I can already tell that there’s one item I’m going to take every time I leave the house with the baby. That item is a changing bag full of nappies and baby essentials. Oh, the glamour!

In a way, carrying a changing bag won’t be too much of a shock for me as I’ve always favoured big handbags over totes and clutch bags. I mean, who knows when you might need breath mints / plasters / a bottle of water / vitamin pills /painkillers as well as a few receipts from cinema trips (pre-baby) and last week’s grocery shopping? But there’s a big difference between a lovely big leather handbag that compliments your outfit and a nappy changing bag that’s covered in flowers or a sickly shade of pastel blue or pink.

When I saw some of the handbags from English brand KeriKit, I didn’t initially think they were changing bags. If you’ve ever gone into a big department store and looked around the bags they have in their baby departments, you may have seen some hideous bags. I was considering using a regular large handbag and buying a travel changing mat to stick inside it until I saw KeriKit’s Charlie Pony bag:






I have been getting a lot of use out of it for trips to the park, to the shops and anywhere I go with the baby:




The inside of the bag is what sets a KeriKit bag apart from other bags and it has it’s own name – IRO, which stands for Internal Removable Organiser. It sits inside every bag with press studs to keep it secure and there are pockets for mum’s needs and baby’s needs. This photo clearly shows all the amazing storage spaces:



Another of my favourite features is the zip on the underside of the bag. This is the perfect size for used nappies and means that if you are in a posh place or you feel a bit uncomfortable asking to use someone else’s bin for a smelly nappy, you can put it in that underside compartment and dispose of it at a later date. Just make sure you bring some plastic bags to put the nappy in as if your baby is like mine, you’ll be faced with some smelly nappies and you don’t want to walk around with that kind of odour following you around! I’m using another pocket for some hand-santitiser, hand cream and perfume so that I feel better as I face the world after a gruesome change and my make-up bag has it’s own space inside of the bag. There’s always time for a bit of lip gloss, even if that’s the only thing I have time to top up since I usually have to calm my little one after his change.

KeriKit bags come in all shapes and sizes and there are bigger and smaller ones than the Charlie Pony. I actually used a bigger, weekend style KeriKit bag as my hospital bag and my fiancé appreciated it as much as I did. This is partly because it’s a classic style that looks good on men as well as women and he had to carry it into the hospital as I certainly wasn’t carrying anything when I was in labour. The other reason is because the storage compartments of the IRO mean that things like a fan and a water spray and snacks were easy to locate and hand to me while I was in a lot of pain and in no mood to find things myself.

I did a video about what I packed inside my hospital bag and I’ll be posting that soon. As it’s my first baby I overpacked, so I’m going to update it and tell you what I actually used. For example, I was so worried about something going wrong that I packed two nightdresses and a pair of pyjamas!

I also like these KeriKit bags:

KeriKit’s Charlie Tan


KeriKit’s Aryella Python

KERIKIT-LOOKBOOK11-900x600KeriKit’s Keri Jane 

KERIKIT-LOOKBOOK7-900x600KeriKit’s Jasper Zebra

KERIKIT-LOOKBOOK9-900x600KeriKit’s Jasper Anaconda


The names come from CEO and founder Keri Jamieson’s husband and children. She has a young son called Jasper and even-younger twins called Charlie and Aryella. This family feel to the brand just prove that these are bags designed by a fashionable mum (who’s worked in the fashion industry for years as a buyer) for other new-mums and I think that’s why they’re a lot more on-trend than the bags that are made as an after-thought by department stores and buggy manufacturers.

What do you look for in a changing bag? To see more information about KeriKit and find out where you can buy the bags, visit the KeriKit website.

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