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Two weeks ago, Rory lived in sleepsuits. Two weeks ago, Rory was just 4kg. Now he’s a hefty 5.3 kg, he’s a lot more alert and spends a lot more time sleeping at night and less during the day (so I must be doing something right, surely?)

For these reasons, it’s time for him to start wearing big boys’ clothes. I’ve heard it helps babies distinguish between night and day if they wear sleepsuits to bed at night and actual outfits in the day.  I even think he looks quite proud after I’ve taken his sleepsuit off in the morning and dressed him in the first outfit change of the day (there’s usually at least two given his various bodily emissions – sick, poo, more sick…). He puffs his chest out and holds his head up high, as if he knows that he looks good.

To me, he looks gorgeous in his birthday suit – he’s just perfect. But I enjoy picking different looks for him because he looks even more adorable when he’s dressed smartly. His Auntie Joanna (photographed with him below during lunch at Itsu in Westfield London) thinks so too…





This outfit is not expensive – it’s from Baby Gap (using the Bounty discount), but Rory looks like a little gentleman in his plaid checked shirt / romper suit (£12.95), organic ribbed cardigan (£12.57) and navy jeans (a hand-me-down). He wore it to meet my sister – his Auntie Joanna –  at the Westfield shopping centre and got lots of compliments every time someone looked in the pram. The fact I paid less than £30 for the whole outfit is a bonus.

What do you think? Is your baby a snappy dresser? If so, let’s share the pics so we can all be inspired. Post them to Instagram and use the hashtag #babyvipsblog or mention us on Twitter @babyvipsblog. Experimenting with baby fashion is so much fun!

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