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It may seem like Christmas 2015 was just yesterday but we’re in the third quarter of 2016 already and Santa Claus and his sleigh will be here before you know it.

I know I’m not alone in thinking that Christmas with children is such a magical experience. I felt all tingly with anticipation in the build-up to it when I was pregnant and now the excitement is double / triple / maybe times a hundred!

In fact, my mind was so blown by the Christmas showcase that I saw at Not On The High Street that I couldn’t find the words to express it myself. So my new mum friend with fabulous taste, Becca Selway, is guest posting on this. She’s going to be a regular contributor Baby VIPs so look out for more of her posts * and let’s all see what she has to say about Christmas…


Becca: “I just went to the most fun Christmas showcase with my VIP friend hosted by Not On The High Street!

Aided by a DELISH cucumber, elderflower & a ‘magic ingredient’ cocktail, I was thrilled to see a table dedicated to edible Christmas that doesn’t involve mince pies and Christmas cake.  I don’t like MPs and CC!  if I’m sucking up the cals and eating a pie then I expect to enjoy it and those kind of pies and cakes are rich and stodgy – not my kind of ‘treat’.

Soooo, I think this year I’m going to take my calories and treats in more enjoyable forms, I’m going to embrace the NOTHS spirit and guzzle Cocktail pastilles (that are stronger than they look) and G&T Chocolate Truffles.







I’m also loving the idea of cocktail lollipops. Strawbery daiquiri lolly anyone? Or gin and elderflower?




I’m thinking about  buying a few and having  my own lollipop tree in the hall as friends arrive for Christmas drinks. That way you may not have all cocktails on offer in your drinks cabinet but you certainly will in your lollipops!


As a new mother (and a first time one at that), I’m doubly susceptible to all things cute. I hope to make this an ultra magical movie type Christmas for my husband and little boy.  I’m going to be a sucker for not just cocktail lollies but all things that add an EXTRA touch of magic… like this Signpost Baby’s First Christmas bauble which is just perfect if baby’s Granny & Grandpa etc live elsewhere in the UK or the World.


I’m also a fan of personalised baubles – especially the Honeywell Bakes piped name cookie bauble (can you imagine whose eyes will light up on spotting that one on Christmas morning!).

img_3680I’m equally impressed by the extremely chic golden wire name hanging decoration – lovely for a glamorous sister or beautiful baby… although it does slightly leave me wishing we’d chosen a more sophisticated nickname for our little chap currently known just as ‘Rabbit’.


My last vow is to order a pair of these adorable soft leather and suede slippers (slip slips as my young nephews call them). NOTHS call them Unisex Geometric Fox Baby Shoes  and they’re super cute and the perfect gift for my Sister in Law’s (SiL’s) new baby.


Generally… I’d say do not be sucked into buying a million pairs of expensive ‘little shoes’ for your baby…  they will not be worn before the age of one (when they look marginally less adorable). The reason for this is young babies have a unique ability to lose whatever you put on their feet. If you think socks are hard to keep on a baby’s squidgy and rather featureless feet, then I can tell you from experience that Converse are impossible! This is why these little Slip Slips are perfect to sit on a nursery mantelpiece or bookshelf.  Your baby only has to wear them once and they are his / hers forever.”


Has this got you in the mood for Christmas? If we prepare now, we have more chance of making that magical, movie star Christmas that our babies deserve (and it spreads the cost out).

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*We’ll be modifying the ‘About’ section soon to introduce all the Baby VIPs contributors.

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