iCandy Launch Strawberry Style Collection

As an iCandy mum, I don’t have buggy envy very often. When I look at other mums in the park, I give their buggies the quick once over and I usually think that my iCandy new Peach in Butterscotch trumps their transport systems. Not only is the colour beautiful, but Rory has a smooth ride whether he’s facing me or facing the world and I know he’s secure thanks to the five point safety harness.


However, when iCandy invited Rory and I to the launch of their new Strawberry Style collection at the Daniel Galvin Jr salon in London, I did get buggy envy. I guess you can only trump an iCandy with another iCandy!

The reason I chose the butterscotch colour was because I thought it went with both autumn and summer fashions. In summer, I like to wear light coloured clothes and I tend to wear a lot of greens and browns in autumn. Butterscotch goes with all of that. But the new Strawberry style range has reversible ‘flavour packs’ giving the pusher many more fashion options.

For example, the Cambridge Edition features a khaki canvas waxed fabric, with a grey quilted herringbone material.


The Strawberry Soho boasts a beautiful charcoal grey fabric, complete with a silver sheen trim.


Finally, the Tudor edition of the Strawberry Style collection displays a rich navy blue fabric, infused with a stunning bronze nylon finish.


They all look luxurious, like they’re straight out of the pages of Vogue. Whether you take one to the school run, to the shops or to a party, you’re guaranteed to feel fabulous pushing one of these.

Sometimes when you’ve got a child, just getting out of the house is an achievement and it’s easy to go out in any old item of clothing because you put less priority on what you look like. However, these buggies would help you to raise your game and feel better about yourself because you don’t want your buggy to look better than you, do you?

And yes, they do look as good in real-life as they do in the photo above as Rory and I tested them out at the launch party. At almost six months, he’s starting to use his hands a lot more and he wants to touch everything. Then he wants to ‘talk’ about what he’s seen, which is why his mouth is open in this photo. He’d spotted the Soho in the distance…







The look on his face in the photo above makes me think he has buggy envy too. His eyes are saying: ‘I want one of those!’

At the launch, it was lovely to see fellow iCandy mum Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs. I usually see her at fashion events in conjunction with her fashion label Beulah, so it was nice to talk babies as well as fashion for once. Isn’t her baby girl Georgia just adorable? And check out the sweet little iCandy miPeach for little kids to push around!



As well as viewing the collection, Rory tried his very first Farley’s Rusk (and loved it) while I picked up some yogurt and granola and got my make-up touched up. iCandy know how to host a party.

It was so much fun that Rory really didn’t want to leave as you can see from his sad expression when I told him we’d been there for more than two hours and it was home time and we’d have to leave the Cambridge edition where it was!




Check out the Strawberry Style collection online now – you’ll love it!

Zoe Griffin


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