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What domestic task do you hate the most? I don’t like cleaning the kitchen, nor do I like putting the bins out (that smell!) and ironing is on that ‘do I really have to?’ list also. It just takes so long!

Baby VIPs’ Becca, who recently wrote about the Christmas gift inspiration at NotOnTheHighStreet.com,  has just road-tested a new service that collects your laundry and returns it sharply pressed.  This could be the answer to one of our most loathed tasks. 

Becca: ‘I hate ironing. I do.  I do!  But do you know what’s worse than a big pile of ironing in the middle of the kitchen table, left there because I prefer visual reminders to prompt me into action rather than writing it on a  ‘To Do’ list.  Answer: My husband trying to sneak out to work in a t-shirt(!) because he says he’s run out of pressed shirts.

His excuse is that he doesn’t want me to yell at 8am – with baby in arms – ‘Well, iron one’ and he’d rather sneak out than risk my wrath. But I’m not keen on my husband going to work in a t-shirt and he never has enough time between waking up and needing to leave the house to do it himself.

I do put aside a dark hour or so a week to do the ironing but it’s difficult with a baby. Ironing does not make a good spectator sport for a 5 month-old and ironing on one leg whilst I rock my son Rabbit’s bouncer with the other foot is tiring, to say the least.  Anyhoo, this tiresome task has now been eliminated from my to To-Do list as THIS week I discovered the Baby VIP answer in – ihateironing.com.


The driver whistled in at 8am (firmly sticking to the timeslot of between 08.00-09.00) on a Tuesday morning, and whipped my bag of  laundered laundry out of my hand on the doorstep before I had time to reach for my flats.  



He then buzzed our bell at 08.00 on Weds morning and handed a pristinely crisp looking white bag of cellophane covered and sharply pressed boxers, muslin squares, tea towels, jeans and shirts. Sharply pressed is good news to my ex-military husband, who has high standards (usually) when it comes to looking smart.


I don’t think husband was even out of bed yet since he likes to cut the commute fine -bedtime vs. bike time is a personal challenge).  There was no chance of him  eyeing up a ratty looking t-shirt that day!

The process is insanely simple once you are in a routine. Visit the ihateironing.com website and select from the drop down when you’d like your stuff collected; when you’d like it returned and then you simply tell Hossein or one of his colleagues what service you’d like on collection – launder & press, dry clean, press only etc. We opted for press only on this occasion, but we’d like to try dry cleaning soon as it’s a much simpler process than trekking to a dry cleaner. 

No sooner than you can blink, an invoice/costing from the Cinderellas at the Laundry palace will ping into your inbox.  If you are on a domestic budget I’d say ask them* to confirm prices for the sort of items you plan to send, so you can pluck out the the easy items eg. muslin squares and save your iHateironing.com budget for the tricky items like shirts. That way you can show to your young one that you do actually have some basic domestic ironing ability and get them into the habit early.

Men’s shirts are from just £2 each, while a wash and press of a duvet, two pillowcases and a sheet is £12.50. There is a minimum spend of £20 but to be relieved of my husband’s weekly shirt load I’m okay with that as you can tell by my smiley face in this pic:



The company’s only been in operation since 2013 but since that time it’s constantly growing its customer base and expanding in different cities, while still managing to turn your laundry around in less than 24 hours. That alone is pretty impressive!



What are you waiting for? That laundry pile won’t wash and iron itself! Check out the ihateironing.com webiste now or download the app from the App store.’


*by ‘them’ I mean that once you are on the site usually someone will pop up on screen chat to let you know that they are at your disposal 🙂

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