Rory’s First Halloween

I’ve always loved an excuse to dress up, so when Rory and I got an invite to my fave chocolate / cake shop Choccywoccydoodah’s spooky Halloween party in central London I was happy on so many levels.

Firstly, I was excited about the chocolate and the cake. Choccywoccydoodah’s chocolate  is the best by far (which is why I had my baby shower there). Secondly, after the baby shower and attending other parties and launches in London and at their other magical store in Brighton, I knew that Choccywoccydoodah knows how to host a party. Think fabulous people, an abundance of fizz, great tunes, even better conversation and as much chocolate and cake as you want. And finally, I couldn’t wait to see what costumes the lovely theatrical staff would wear. With Choccywoccydoodah, I knew that whatever outfit we were in, we could never be too overdressed because the Choccywoccydoodahs do things to the extreme, bringing joy and smiles to the customers beyond the cake and hot chocolate. I didn’t mention the hot chocolate earlier, did I? There are no words to describe it – when you taste it, you’ll know…

Confident that we would fit in no matter how we dressed, Rory came us a lion – the scariest animal of them all. In hindsight, however, he didn’t actually look that scary!






He really enjoyed being in fancy dress, because he likes to be the centre of attention – I can’t think where he gets that from! The party was over two floors and out in the street outside with pumpkin carving for all, competitions about who could scream the loudest and some Halloween themed music. The party was just as good as we expected.

But when we went up to the cafe on the first floor, we were blown away! There were more chocolate covered treats than we could eat with our eyes let alone our mouths. But we decided to taste as much as we could, starting with a toffee apple as it is traditional at this time of year…



And then we tried a slice of cake because it was a celebration of all things chocolate and ghouls and there was no way I could turn down a cake as epic as this:



After that, we made it a mission to try one of all the different chocolate varieties. From honeycomb to lavender to ginger to a strawberry cream, or  a smooth caramel or marshmallow and biscuit dipped in white chocolate, there was so much choice.  I think the lavender cream was my favourite though in terms of look, smell and taste – it all just came together.





While I was eating and mingling, Rory hit the dancefloor with one of the Choccywoccyoodahs. He’s learning how to chat up with the ladies from a young age although this ‘lady’ looks a bit pale!


We really didn’t want to leave the party so much so that Rory cried when I put him back in the pushchair.

I promised him that we would be back shortly. I can’t stay away from their chocolate or their cakes for long.

For more details about the Choccywoccydoodah shops in London and Brighton, visit the Choccydoodah website


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