Zumba Slim Down Party DVD Competition

It’s not always easy to find time to go to the gym when you’re a parent, is it? That is one thing that I massively underestimated when I was pregnant. I managed to carry on exercising when I was expecting, taking time out to go to the gym (and rather enjoying looking at my growing bump in the mirror as I did my squats). I went to the gym, I swam, I did a pregnancy exercise class bouncing on a big plastic ball, I did a pregnancy aerobics class and I did pregnancy yoga. I had a lot of time on my hands when I only had to worry about myself.

Now I have a mini human to consider, I have to use the hours that I get away from his wisely. If his father looks after him for an hour before work, I have to chose between work and the gym and work usually comes first. When the baby’s in bed, I can’t leave him to go to the gym so I can’t exercise then either. Actually, let me rephrase that ‘can’t’ to a ‘couldn’t’ as I have found the answer in the Zumba Slim Down Party DVD.


This DVD actually gives me two things that I’ve missed since becoming a parent – parties and exercise. The idea is to lose weight and have fun at the same time. What’s not to like about that idea? I’ve done a review below so you can see my personal experiences but I’m soooo excited about the fact that the lovely folks at Zumba have given me some extra ones to give away that I wanted to share it with you.


Win one of five Zumba Slimdown Party DVDs.

To enter head over to the Baby VIPs Facebook page and comment on the Zumba post at the top of the Facebook page. T&Cs are on the Facebook post.

The competition closes on 6 December at 2359 – be quick and good luck!


I’ve never done Zumba before so I was slightly worried that I would get left behind because I didn’t know the dance moves and because I’m not the most coordinated person. However, I was glad to see that the DVD starts with a full instruction of the dance moves. The two instructors talk you through the moves slowly then speed it up while a steel band plays in the background. It is a lot of fun!

If you think Zumba is just for old people or those on cruise ships, then think again! Just because it’s enjoyable, it doesn’t make it easy. You are up, down and all around that living room while feeling like you’re at a party. And if you consider that 15 million people around the world have joined the calorie-burning Zumba craze and achieved incredible results then you are joining in with a party of millions. If you’re at all bored and lonely since having your baby, then this is a chance to feel part of ‘a thing’.

The DVD consists of 2 discs of exclusive content with over an hour’s worth of exercise and an amazing fitness concert. The DVD is broken up into 5 sections meaning whether you have 20 minutes or the full hour, this Zumba Slimdown Party can work for you and your schedule.

We’ve tried it and there wasn’t a moment in the whole thing that we were bored or our attention slipped. After learning the steps there was a 20-minute express calorie burner, a Latin burst with salsa and merengue, a high energy Zumba max class and then a Fitness Concert taking us all from Bogota to Beijing with a series of exotic, fast-paced rhythms. As the music takes over, you really won’t feel like you are exercising. No wonder Zumba is often referred to as ‘exercise in disguise’!

The DVD is available from all major stockists like Amazon and HMV if you don’t win one. I highly recommend it. Good luck in the competition!

Good luck in the competition! Remember to get your entries in before 2359 on Friday 6 January.







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