Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddy Walk For Save The Children

Does your child like to run around or do messy play? Would you like to support a charity to help kids that are less fortunate? And is your child a fan of Peppa Pig? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you need to know about Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk in aid of Save The Children.

Fans of Peppa will know that she loves jumping in muddy puddles! And so does my son Rory and most of the other 1 year olds we know. Even though he’s not walking by himself consistently, Rory is strong enough to walk in the direction he wants to go in, pulling me over to investigate mud, puddles, piles of leaves, litter and anything furry or moving. At this age, he’s really curious, so when Save The Children told me about their new muddy puddle walk, I didn’t think twice – sign us up for the adventure!

Rory and I visited Paulton’s Park – the home of Peppa Pig World-  to find out more ahead of the main event from 8 – 14 May, which I strongly advise you to join (simply follow the link here or the one at the bottom of page). Not only did we have the best day ever on the age-appropriate themed rides and meeting Peppa Pig and friends like Zoe the Zebra, but we did a mini Muddy Puddle Walk and found out about what we all need to do from 8 – 14 May.



What we learned:

  • You can take part in the fun at any time during 8 – 14 May – whatever day works best for you and your family.
  • You can pick and choose how much or how little you do. There is no prescribed distance – just pick a walk based on your child’s attention span.
  • Walks are more fun with friends – why not encourage your child’s nursery to sign up? Or make it into a fun activity for NCT friends? However, just doing it with your kids will get you out of the house and give you plenty to laugh about and hopefully tire the kids out before bedtime.
  • Live in an urban area? No problem! You can do a walk inside or out. If the weather’s bad, create a puddle obstacle course inside your home or nursery.


I knew Rory liked water as he’s a big splasher in the bath but I had no idea just how much he enjoyed getting messy until I saw him in the water zone play area at Peppa Pig World. Just look at his face as he’s trying new things and touching new textures. It gave me a warm feeling that I was doing something for him, rather than taking him to a coffee shop or a friend’s house. And it made me think that even if you just walk round your local paddling pool, it would work and cause lots of lovely giggles.



Grandad came with us and was equally impressed, which just goes to show that all ages can take part in the Muddy Puddle Walk. We did a mini one through the gardens of Paulton’s Park and I was really surprised by how much green open space there is at the park – perfect for little ones to let off steam. It’s super clean and well-maintained and there are lots of interesting birds to spot as there was an aviary at the park before Peppa Pig World.

We were given a map to tick off sights as we saw them. This made it even more exciting as there was an element of competition. Give out maps / tick off lists on your own walk and the kids will love them as it makes them feel grown up.

We really enjoyed our day at Paulton’s Park and definitely made the most of the rides after we’d done the Muddy Puddle Walk. It was like stepping into the pages of a storybook or actually being in a Peppa Pig cartoon. Everything was colourful, gentle and sweet. Their hot air balloon ride blew Rory’s tiny mind…


Then we did a cloud ride (which did spin a bit so don’t do this straight after lunch)


And a cute tractor ride through the gardens, which Rory’s Grandad enjoyed just as much as Rory.



The helicopter ride was also very cute!


I’d love to go back to Paulton’s Park with a larger group of friends so the adults can take it in turns looking after the kids and going on bigger rollercoasters. I spotted a few from a distance that looked just up my street – I love a scary ride! Its location in Hampshire means it’s less than a 2 hr drive from where we live in West London.

It was the best day and it made me realise how lucky I am to be able to do things like this with Rory, as it would be completely unaffordable for so many families. And that gives me extra motivation to do a Muddy Puddle Walk.

Sign up for the Muddy Puddle Walk and receive a fundraising pack by visiting the Muddy Puddy Walk website!

Save The Children is a cause close to my heart as I attended a fundraising event just three weeks after giving birth. The video I watched about child poverty remains raw to this day – it wasn’t just the post-baby hormones – and I remember being shocked at the figure that one in four children live in poverty. That’s not just being unable to get the latest toy or fashion accessory, that’s their parents having to choose between food or heating, not being able to afford things like freezers or washing machines and often skipping meals themselves so that the kids can eat. And it’s not just happening in the third world as children are growing up in poverty in London near Rory and I. As the ethos of Baby VIPs is all about ways we as parents can give our children a great start in life and make ourselves and our kids feel special, I wanted to do as much as I could to support and raise awareness for Save The Children. And unlike other charities, 90% of the money raised goes directly to the charity projects so we know that we are actually helping people who need it.




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