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When it comes to bathtime, we’re all in one of two camps. Some of us have kids that love the bath, who happily splash away and giggle when they get mummy wet. Others face a daily battle to get our kids clean as quickly as possible and pray that the screams aren’t too loud when it comes to the dreaded hair wash. My 16-month son Rory and I have recently gone from the battle side to the playful side and it’s such a relief! I no longer feel a sense of dread as bathtime approaches and my son sleeps better as he hasn’t been stressed out before bed.

So what changed? I got pregnant with my second child and realised that this daily battle needed to stop. It was just too exhausting! We were just going through the same motions every day so I decided to introduce new things into our bathtime routine to see if they would help. Changing the toiletries was a big part of that. I’ve always thought that if a room smells lovely then it’s relaxing and calming so I went on a mission to look for bubble bath that released a warming smell into our bathroom. I found it in Childs Farm organic bubble bath with it’s delicious, fruity raspberry scent.

I poured it under running water in the bath and let it do its magic, while I took most of Rory’s clothes off and brought him back into the bathroom. Rather than jump straight into the bath, I sat him on the floor and let him look at the bubbles. I also gave him some bottles to play with to make bathtime more playful. I figured that if he was relaxed before he got in the bath, then he might stay that way when he was in the water. It didn’t take long before we were having a good laugh in the bathroom.


I looked him in the eye while he was getting undressed and talked to him to keep him happy. At the undressing stage, he used to know what was coming and squeal and wriggle but because I made him relaxed beforehand he let me do it.

And then we had these lovely smelly products to play with:



The sweet orange hair and body wash was so divine it put a smile on my face and Rory mimicked it. Seeing his smile made me laugh as I’d never seen a bathtime smile before and then suddenly we were both laughing. I couldn’t believe it!

I did also put some more toys in the bath than we usually have and Rory had fun exploring the new objects. He especially like the Submarine that I bought from Whole Foods in High Street Kensington. It has holes in the side so I used it as a vessel to pour over his head to get the shampoo out rather than a generic beaker. It definitely made him more relaxed.



Sometimes a lovely scented product might mean that it’s not so good for the skin as scent has been prioritised over moisturising properties, but that’s not the case with Childs Farm. If you read the backs of the bottle and look at the Childs Farm website, you’ll see that skin comes first. The products use natural ‘free-from’ ingredients and essential oils to produce mild, kind and delicious smelling toiletries that care for the skin and hair of newborns, babies and children and they’re suitable for the 1 in 5 children that have eczema.

There is also an amazing moisturiser that you can put on after the bath to make your kids feel more relaxed and ready for bed. Rory loves a little massage and I could feel his muscles relax and the tension drift away as I rubbed Childs Farm over him. While he was relaxed, I squirted some detangler in his hair. Hair is a big thing for Rory as you can see from the pic at the top of this blog post – he has a lot of it and it’s prone to tangling.


Another thing that worked for me was getting organised with his nappy and pyjamas before putting him in the bath. Sometimes I would bring him out the bathroom in his towel and have to hunt for the nightclothes, which meant he became cold and angry. Having it all laid out made the process so much smoother and more pleasant for everyone involved.


Now my second child – a baby girl – has arrived, I’ll need to be even more organised but at least I’ve worked out the key to bathtime, which is to make it fun. I’ve also found products that make me feel confident that I’m looking after my children’s skin. To all those of you who struggle with bathtimes, don’t panic – it is possible to turn things around!

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