What We Liked At The iCandy Orange Launch

It’s taken me a while to write this blog post, I’m not going to lie. Unbeknown to me, I was pregnant with my second child when I attended the iCandy Orange launch.


The problems started as soon as I realised I was pregnant. As if 16 weeks of non-stop sickness wasn’t enough (which required injections and pills to combat), I had to summon up enough energy to look after a 10 month old in the day and do freelance work for the national newspaper. To say, I was shattered at the end of the day was an understatement. Then when the sickness stopped, the bleeding started…I was on tenterhooks for the whole pregnancy and I put anything that wasn’t life or death to the back of my mind.

However, I am proud to say that my little Isabella burst into the world on 24 July 2017 after 33 weeks of pregnancy weighing a hefty 51b 1 oz (big for her gestation) and I have my blogging mojo back. My goal is to write about all the subjects I put on the back burner during the past few months and then to share her birth story. I’m excited about the future and I couldn’t think of a better post to start with than one about a stylish pram / pushchair that is one of the roomiest, sturdy and easy to use doubles on the market. After all, now I have two babies!



So, enough about me…it’s time to look at the pushchair.


I viewed it at a launch that was one of the most hi-tech press events I’ve ever been to and given that I’ve been a national newspaper journalist for exactly 15 years now, that’s saying a lot. I was captivated by the virtual reality headset that let me play with different ways to configure it. There are tons of ways to put it together for two babies – both forward facing, one forward and one backward, car seat and seat, pram and seat – and by turning my head I could assemble it in different ways. That’s why there’s a real look of concentration on my face in this pic:


I really enjoyed the VR experience, but I was conscious that it’s one thing assembling a pushchair by looking at it and another one by using your hands. How easy would it collapse and would I be able to click the parts into the frame? Would it be heavy? When I saw the Orange up close, it looked massive so ease of use was a big concern, especially now that I’ll probably have one hand busy carrying a child (or stopping a child from running away) while trying to put the pushchair together.


I asked if I could try lifting up the parts and collapsing it and I was shocked to find that I could do it one-handed easily. I have the new iCandy peach, which I love, but it does take two hands to fold up even though it’s smaller.

As I’ve always been a more is more kind of girl (more Champagne, more chocolate, more clothes and shoes and big handbags!) I love the fact that getting more pushchair doesn’t make it more complicated. Each child has plenty of room to move and grow and the shopping basket underneath is huge. There aren’t that many double push chairs that still have a shopping basket.


My favorite configuration is the one above so I could look at little Isabella while her older brother Rory could face (and wave and try to talk) to the world.

As Rory is only just about to turn 16 months, a buggy board isn’t yet suitable for him but when it is the iCandy Orange has one built in. In a few months, I’d imagine Rory would feel very proud of himself and grown up on a buggy board and the iCandy one is really easy to push as the child can fit underneath the handles so the pusher doesn’t have to overstretch their arms.



The iCandy orange was developed after lots of feedback from people about what they wanted from a pushchair and what improvements they thought could be made to other iCandy models. You can tell that the engineers have taken all the feedback on board and this has resulted in something that’s functional but fabulous. I’d love to take something like this to a party or premiere and watch heads turn. Orange is the new black after all…

For more details about the iCandy Orange, check out the iCandy website.

Zoe Griffin


Journalist, author and mother-of-one. I love fashion, beauty and gossip (preferably over a glass of bubbly). I founded the blog LiveLikeaVIP.com in 2009 and VIP Mums launched in April 2016 - the same month my son was born.

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