An Exclusive Preview Of The Britax Romer Dualfix i-Size

Are you happy with the car seat you bought for your newborn? I have to admit that I’m not because I had no idea what to consider when making the purchase. To be honest, I chose my car seat like I chose my wine on the wine list (in the days when I used to go to restaurants), ie pick the mid-range priced one. I wouldn’t have gone for the cheapest because I’d want to think a higher price would give me a few extra features but I wouldn’t have gone for the most expensive because I’d imagine that would have features I didn’t need. Then I’d go to Which? Or Made For Mums, check that some other mums had used it and if they’d said some positive things about it then I’d buy it.

When I was invited to an exclusive preview of the Britax Roemer Dual Fix i-size, I completely regretted my purchasing rationale and I also wished I’d purchased a Britax Roemer. The Dual Fix i-size launches in January and I found out that it has tons of features that would make my life easier and make me feel more confident when driving with my children in the back. Not only did my 4 month old daughter Isabella look very comfortable in it with the newborn harness, but after speaking to one of the demonstrators I realised that the  following features would be very useful to us.




** It rotates 360 degrees so you can put your child in the car facing towards you and swivel them around until they’re rear facing (the safest way)

** Your baby / child can comfortably rear face until they reach 105cm (approx. 4 years old). There’s a unique rebound bar which prevents the car seat from moving during an impact and this can be adjusted to provide an extra 10% of leg room. This cute boy in the advert shots certainly looks comfortable and he’s a lot older than my little Isabella.


** There are 6 recline positions forward facing and 6 recline positions rear facing to allow for comfortable sleeping positions for all ages.


** There’s a steel bar inside the seat. In a side impact, the durable bar acts like a protective shell keeping your child super safe if the crash happens from the side.



** It’s been rigorously tested at Britax’s facility in Leipheim, Germany. Just knowing that it’s been through several crash scenarios gives me a bit more confidence that it would do what it’s meant to do in the event I crashed and needed it to protect my children.

On a superficial level, its available in some cute colours. I especially liked the Blue Marble colour, which has a denim vibe but I’m told the Sand Marble is very stylish if you have a lighter coloured car.

The upholstery – ie the car seat fabrics and covers – are made in Europe and I have to say that the quality of the material was clear to see. It feels smooth to the touch, which I’m sure I’d appreciate if I was sitting in it during a long car journey. Although it’s safe and sturdy, it seems to me that it’s as comfy as sitting in an arm chair. Isabella certainly enjoyed stretching out in it.



Britax has clearly thought of every single element of the car seat in minute detail and the same was true of the preview event. As the event was held in December, the canapes were Christmas themed. We had mini roast dinners on sticks (potato, stuffing and meat), smoked salmon on a festive scone, mince pies and brandy butter, chocolate bark with dried fruits and nuts and the best ever hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

Dotted around the room there were cupcakes emblazoned with the Britax logo (and edible glitter) and some giant lebkuchen iced with the Britax logo. There was so much to try and to taste, reflecting the car seat itself – full of features that you just wouldn’t find combined in any other car seat model.



The event was in the afternoon and I wasn’t the only one bringing a child but Britax had also thought about things to occupy older kids. There was an electronic graffiti wall and the kids could virtually colour in their own car seats. It was impressive!

Nobody likes to think that they will have a car crash, but while we’re going about our daily lives Britax have rigorously tested products and developed this Dual Fix i-Size to ensure that we’re as protected as possible. Rear facing is undoubtedly safer and as this allows comfortable rear facing until 4 years old, it’s great value for money. Yes, it’s just over £400 but you won’t have to buy anything else until your child is 4, which I would have found useful with my first born when I bought a car seat that he grew out of within 9 months! The 4 month old, Isabella, is currently in that car seat but we’ll have to buy her another seat in a few months time. Would we go for the Britax Roemer Dualfix i-Size? If you’d have attended the launch like I did, you wouldn’t be able to even consider buying anything else.

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