Support Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day!

There are few days of the year when we don’t have to worry about putting together a full outfit and even fewer when it’s actively encouraged to wear a massive Reindeer / Christmas tree / Mrs Christmas character on our chests. But on Christmas Jumper Day, the chintzier the better and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because it’s for charity.



The photo above was my family and I last year (minus the daughter that was born this year) and I can tell you that we’ll be doing exactly the same this 15 December only with our baby girl and even bolder Christmas jumpers added to the mix. When we dress up, we’ll be raising money for Save The Children just like businesses and individuals around the world. If everyone who puts on a silly jumper donates £2 to Save The Children, us looking cheerful and Christmassy will help to improve the situation of children living in poverty. Children not as fortunate as ours.

A donation of £2 could pay for Winter shoes for a young children in Afghanistan or oral rehydration salts to help provide life-saving treatments to 32 children sick with diarrhoea.

Now that I am a mother, it breaks my heart to see children sick and suffering. Even when mine just have a cough or a cold, I panic, wishing I could take their illness and wipe away their suffering. I am able to keep them warm, feed them and clothe them while they are unwell but not all parents can do that and that’s why Christmas Jumper Day is so important. At 4 months old, my daughter Isabella has no idea that she’s helping children less fortunate than herself, or even what she’s wearing, but I will talk to her and tell her so that she might understand as she gets older.



Just like the message of Christmas and Mary and Joseph with their baby Jesus is often overlooked with Christmas turned into a time of parties, presents and lots of food, it’s easy to have so much fun with Christmas jumpers that you forget about giving money to Save The Children. Without sounding preachy, make sure that when you put on your jumper you donate cash / collect it from friends and colleagues. Then pay it in online at And share the love – post your snaps on social media with the hashtag #ChristmasJumperDay to get a group movement going on.

Now with the serious message out of the way, the question falls down to what shall we wear? Celebrity ambassador Myleene Klass looks very cute in her baubles jumper.



My second favourite jumper is the Wallis reindeer jumper (below left), which is full of silver sparkles – my favourite thing. It’s currently reduced to £27 from £36. The Dorothy Perkins penguin jumper  (below right) is even better value for money at £21 and it has sequins of several colours plus the grey background is very flattering.


So don’t forget – let’s hashtag the heck out of #ChristmasJumperDay and make sure we all give our £2 to Save The Children. Enjoy!

Zoe Griffin


Journalist, author and mother-of-one. I love fashion, beauty and gossip (preferably over a glass of bubbly). I founded the blog in 2009 and VIP Mums launched in April 2016 - the same month my son was born.

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