by Zoe Griffin – Celebrity journalist for 13 years, mother for 0 years.

As soon as I saw a tiny peanut shape with a strong, beating heart at an early 8 week pregnancy scan, I fell in love. I had a baby inside me and a supportive fiance holding my hand, which was something I never saw in my life after 30 + years of being a complete workaholic and showing poor judgement in my choice of men. At that scan, on 8 September 2015 I vowed to do the best for my little family and to give my baby the best life possible.

Although I’m a pro at partying and socialising (I was a gossip columnist for the Sunday Mirror for two years), I’m a published author and I’ve built up my own web design / blog consultancy business from scratch, I don’t have a clue where to start when it comes to motherhood. I know that I want to give my baby the best and this site documents my journey to making that goal a reality.


If you want the best for your child then let’s learn together! Baby VIPs aims to find:

  1. Affordable fashion for mums and babies because if we look good we feel good.
  2. Educational and fun days out for the family
  3. Stylish ways to decorate the home to create a cosy, comfortable and safe environment.
  4. Health tips for mums and babies – how to get into shape, stay in shape and deal with common illnesses.
  5. Career advice from working mums and celebrities

I’ll be hosting regular events for mums to get together in a stylish and fun environment and there will be Champagne, cake and beauty treatments involved. Having babies doesn’t mean we are destined for a life of mums and toddlers in a cold Church hall or stuck in front of daytime TV. Now we’re more amazing as our bodies have done an incredible thing and it’s up to us to help our little ones start life in style.


I’ve been a showbiz journalist for 13 years and worked for several national newspapers. After starting my career at The Daily Telegraph as a graduate trainee, I worked at the Mail on Sunday and The London Paper before landing my own gossip column in The Sunday Mirror. I set up my own celebrity lifestyle magazine in 2009 called Live Like a VIP and although I still enjoy mixing with the stars in the world’s most exclusive locations which I’ll continue to blog about on Live Like a VIP, I’ve finally realised there is more to life than partying! I set up baby VIPs to learn as much as I can about being a good mum and I look forward to meeting like-minded mums on the way.