Diono Radian 5: Review

We installed the Diono Radian 5 for a 200 mile road-trip. from London to Preston, It’s been extensively tested in the lab, but I was still nervous as Rory’s young

Baby: Week 11 And 12

I had my hen do, my fiance had his stag do and Rory came along to my hen do! There were a lot of celebrations this week…

Baby Gap / Matalan

This is a great casual outfit for lazy weekend days. It’s comfortable so baby can play all day, tiring themselves out so that parents get a break

Baby: Week 10

He may have a lopsided smile in this picture, but it’s still a smile. We’ve had fun this week, which has made us both happier than last week.


This endpoint has been retired

Zumba Slim Down Party DVD Competition

I find it really difficult to find time to exercise but this DVD has made my life easier. And it does make me feel like I’m at a party

KeriKit’s Model Announcement

I’m excited to announce the winner of the New Face of KeriKit competition, who will model the new collection.

KeriKit’s Model Search

Have you ever wanted to model? Enter now for this life-changing experience (and a luxury leather changing bag)